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Path issue for verge folder

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    Hi Devs,

    I’m trying to relocate my verge apps folder into a One Drive folder location for ease of use working remotely. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out why the path doesn’t work when inserted into the verge settings in the app manager. The path to my folder is this –
    C:\Users\usmartja\OneDrive – ifm electronic gmbh\verge3d_apps

    When I use this it gives an internal server error and I have to edit the settings.json file to remove the path in order to see the app manager again. I’m thinking that it might have issues with the space hyphen space ?

    Can you help me figure out the correct syntax ? :unsure:



    Are you sure the folder called “OneDrive – ifm electronic gmbh”, not “OneDrive/ifm electronic gmbh” or something?

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    This is the exact path in the cmd prompt:

    “C:\Users\usmartja\OneDrive – ifm electronic gmbh\verge3d_apps>”




    what’s this at the end of the path?

    open settings.json in \Verge3D\manager\ folder. the path should be like that
    "extAppsDirectory": "C:\\Users\\usmartja\\OneDrive – ifm electronic gmbh\\verge3d_apps\\"

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    That is from command prompt in windows… actual path in verge doesn’t have that in it. It’s just this in verge settings – C:\\Users\\usmartja\\OneDrive – ifm electronic gmbh\\verge3d_apps\\

    Still doesn’t work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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