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    Greetings, i have a task to implement some effects into my webgl scene. Is it possible to make any Smoke effect for example ?
    My thoughts were to make some animation with polygons to immitate a smoke. Are there any other options? may be by dynamic moving shader? or may be some webgl particle support ? anything?
    Thank you.


    Verge3d does not support particles natively but you could try to implement threejs particles.

    However sprite sheets are probably the easiest. You can create particle renderings in blender or in a motion graphics program. Rendered image sequence with alpha then create a large grid based image you can traverse with UVs via key frames or using the animate puzzle.

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    Thank you for advice.


    You can set the particles to render as an object and use the “bake” method described here:

    Baking Particles for Sketchfab (Blender Edition)

    On the page it sends you to scroll down to the third revision of the script for Blender 2.8+:


    I also had to scale the particles to zero at the end of their lifetime using this method to get them to disappear.


    Someone sells an add-on on Gumroad that does it too but I haven’t tried that: https://blenderartists.org/t/cake-particles-bake-your-particles-as-keyframed-objects/1378059

    There may be other ways, I’m not a Blender guru. ;-)


    Hey! What a nice timing! I am actually making a tutorial about faking particle system in Verge :-)

    It won’t be about this type of particles though, but this method will work nicely for sparks.
    Anyway that’s an interesting idea, I will look at it in my free time! Maybe it’ll make another tutorial :)



    Ou my guys, thank u all for all that help and advices.
    Like i rly love Verge3D and how it develops. AR/VR its great to develop, but seems like that would be usefull to have more setting and opportunities to make stunning projects Or for WebSites background, Or even for your applications , with Smoke, firesparks, Camera setting effects e.t.c the projects will be just stunning!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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