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Only let enter VR on VR-Glasses

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    I have an application which runs almost on all devices.
    But on Galaxy Tablet the app detects also that VR is available.
    This comes from this VR-Simulation stuff.

    How can I check if it’s a VR-Glass only and blend out the enter Button in all other cases.
    With the “feature is availabe” puzzle, I have no feature to select, which identify the device as VR Glass only.

    Thanks Tom


    If the puzzle “check VR” reports that the VR session can be established, this means the browser is able to enter the VR mode. If you need to filter out this particular device, this is possibly only indirectly, by using the get gpu puzzle.

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    I probably found another parameter.
    VR Glasses have an aspect ratio close to 1:1, so maybe this coudl be a unique parameter for VR-Glasses only.


    I think VR & AR both have aspect ratio as 1:1


    VR Glasses have an aspect ratio close to 1:1

    In general (Quest2/Quest3/Pico4). But Pimax 8k, for example, has two 4k 16:9 displays )))

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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