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Looking for long term troubleshooting and support help for configurator.

Home Forums Jobs and Opportunities Looking for long term troubleshooting and support help for configurator.

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    I’m with a wheel company out of Tampa and we’re trying to get all of our wheels into a configurator. I got the models in the scene how I want them but I know nothing of code so I paid a Fiverr developer to add a user interface with a few different sections, each with a color picker and a few buttons inside of it. I went into the code and was able to add more sections than he originally sent however, the color pickers in those sections I added don’t function. The developer I went through has been out of office for almost a month now and we need to move forward.

    For the most part, almost all of the work is done, we just need someone who can consistently be there in a time like this when issues arise or when we want to freshen things up. Pricing is negotiable.

    Here’s the working configurator to show you what I’m referring to: https://www.amaniforged.com/wheels/arlo-4


    Hi, we can help you “One Stop Solution” because we can modelling, coding and help how you show your product with layout optimization.

    Can you send me some more requirement to info@vmts.ch?

    Take a look at our website
    One stop services Verge3D: 3D Modelling + Coding
    Our sample ECO2 Sales Tools


    Offer still open


    When I looked at the link, I was able to alter all seven areas to different colors, making an admittedly garish wheel. What seems to be the problem?

    I should say I’m not very fluent in javascript myself, but I’ve been using verge3D for a while. Yuri and his team have always been very helpful.

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    Greetings! If you still need developers for your project.
    Write to us: info@cyber-fox.net
    We will be glad to cooperate.



    I m also open if you have any end to end needs in this area and even in rendering, sketching or modelling etc.



    As a matter of fact, my core area is “Gamification techniques in technology & business” of which the optimization of conventional ways to most efficient ways.
    I think this technique would be effective here for you as well.

    As I recently worked on s innovation project, in which my roll was to drastically optimize and bring down the size of whole industry product models to less than 1/4th by maintaining the visual convincingly well.

    Look at the ref. image. whole manufacturing plant I did with 6 artists under me.

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