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I think this library set is essential now in verge 3d

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    Hi guys
    Since Verge is becoming more & more matured now, I feel this is essential to add some more functional & ready to use presets in Verge.
    Like there are some materials commercially available on Verge’s site, even these can be kept some free & some charged.
    Just thought, it could soon become a huge library for users to pick & use.

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    Please don’t charge for anything on Verge, as long as we pay to remove the watermark, every other feature should be free of charge..


    I thought it might be a good idea to bring a different perspective. Since Soft8Soft does tend to listen to its customers I wanted to chime in.

    The Puzzle Library – is where frequent puzzle combinations should be stored by us the users. Soft8Soft adds and removes to theirs pre-provided puzzle sets as they see a need. Sometimes those same puzzle sets become a puzzle as in the “map range” puzzle. It used to be in the puzzle library but then it became a puzzle just recently….so thats always helpful so …good job and thank you.

    More organizational features for saving our own puzzles sets in the Puzzle Library would be good and a simple way to share them between users rather than just giving up and sending a screen shot.

    Making available other puzzle sets..for the puzzle library….I think is a great idea but there is nothing preventing those puzzles sets from being screen shot and shared so I don’t think making money off them is going to be a big interest to … well…anyone having to make them as they would become freely available as soon as the first project file is put into the wild.

    I think it might be wise to have a way to share these xml clips and allow end users to exchange them. That might be helpful and of course any that were made by Soft8Soft would be greatly welcome too.

    As for “dont charge for anything on Verge”. I think that is an insane statement. Soft8Soft has to balance profit vs demand like any other business. I hope they are making fortune selling Verge3D if not, we will all loose when Soft8Soft closes their doors. I think the “free to participant” with a watermark is something that they will one day start to re-think. It may become a limited time use free version, then a non commercial version and a commercial version. I hope they get enough profit and resources to conquer the things they have been putting off because such thing are “hard”. These difficult things would really help expand Verge3D capabilities. There are a lot of great things to do on their list I am sure that are not getting done that would improve the product and get more people using Verge3D…win win.

    I hope Soft8Soft leans into the making improvements that have the greatest impact on those that are paying the most…paying customers/enterprise users and listens to their requests or as those users get more savvy and other platforms gets closer to releasing there latest 3d web implementation, the paying users will start to shift to other platforms and ultimately stop using V3D and make it impossible for Soft8Soft to continue business. Seems pretty straight forward to me but we will see.

    I wish nothing but the best for Soft8Soft….I hope they are making money hand over fist and that all things can continue they way they are but I have just never known any successful business to remain unchanged and I don’t believe Soft8Soft will sit still either.

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    Guys, thank you for the suggestions and all the thoughts. There is certainly room for improvement both in Verge3D and our business model. :yes:

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    Xeon thoughtful.
    After seeing Verge’s improving versions I am sure in near future it will (should) be an obvious choice for web game engine seekers.
    I also believe, there should not be free for ever for everything. So the serious users might not think for paying for valuable addons or features. Like advanced puzzle structures etc.
    Moreover I feel that, library of advanced and sophisticated puzzle presets can be another stream of revenue for Verge to keep its progress healthy. Thats why I suggested.
    Once some revenue is attached more serious developers will take interest to add to it and growth multiplies.
    What I have observed is Verge is a pretty stable & great tool, and to keep it always that way some measures are necessary.

    Though currently I am using as a personal edition, I am also talking to few businesses who are interested in implementing verge in their inhouse processes.

    Just a future vision clue –

    In 1980’s & 1990’s who was really serious about having a website? but eventually everyone today is.
    Similarly in future all websites will transform in to 3D websites &/or Virtual Customer Experience Center. More of user engagement & advanced interactions. backed up with A.I. may be. it will. I am sure of it.
    I am trying & testing to Implement Verge in “Virtual Tourism” examples. The all new area !
    Verge is a pretty stable, & great tool !

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