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Hello My first Post Brontdm

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    So I am looking all over for “make new post” Could not find that but here at the bottom its letting me So maybe I clicked on it and did not know it or that is jsut how this forum works. Anyway.
    Cant find the zip file that you use to add verge3d to blender. I installed the verge3d-blender-4.5.1.exe I only use the portable zip version of blender.
    I was looking for Blender Verison 2.9. I was looking for the blender version 2.91.4 thinking that it was the specific version I needed. No it will work for everything from 29.1 to blender 4

    I am reading the instructions now and it says to find the addon and install it ? where is it ? I can t find it what is the name of the addon ? normally I download a zip file.
    a lot of new things to learn

    Thank You - brontdmt

    I installed the verge3d-blender-4.5.1.exe

    There are several options available before installing. One of them is “Install Blender’s add-on”.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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