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Having some strange issue on my Mac version

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    I was running Blender 2.81 and 2.8 both with the pre 2.17 fine for week on my mac. Then I saw an error pop up quick, and thought it said duplicate files. Shortly thereafter, I could not get the appmanager to work(I did not grab a screenshot of the error). When I tried retargeting the script, the verge add-on refused to show up.
    So I then grabbed a fresh 2.16 from Soft8Soft and retargeted it to a fresh version of 2.81 blender. It works (sort of) I can now see the app manager,sneak peak and can publish gltfs, but they are all missing any complex meshes. Only basic shapes show up. Strangely, I have eyes on a uv sphere that show up with texture, but the mesh for the body is missing, and they all share the same diffuse texture. I have only one error I screen grabbed, and that was when I was retargeting 2.14 before my clean install. Perhaps it might help?

    I’ve dusted off my PC and the files work great with verge 2.16 on it. It’s just my mac that is having this issue. But it is a new mac mini with 32GBram.



    UPDATE: Ok it seems to be corrupt material files ( I guess ) after rebuilding material nodes. I should point out that enabling line rendering helped me determine if there actually was a mesh or not.

    Thanks guys for that nice feature! I think I will just stick to 2.16 for now. :bye:


    Sorry you had those issues! Blender 2.81’s materials are only partially compatible with Blender 2.80’s. There were many new inputs added to nodes while some other nodes were reworked completely. We’ll try to fix everything before the stable Verge3D 2.17 is out (later this month).

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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