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Found an install limitation (not bug, but…)

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    Hello team !

    My son is showing some interest for Verge3D stuff, so i tried to install it on his PC, 4.1.1 free demo.

    On my PC, i have only one user account, so it is admin.
    On his PC, i have admin account, and his user account : i do that for children as if the system asks for admin password while he is not actually installing stuff, this is suspicious, and it is a good way to add security.

    Problem is, since windows 10, the C:, and C:\programs are not available for read when you are logged as simple user (not admin).
    Of course, when i statt install for Verge3d, it says that it can’t write files. Logical.
    So i right-click / start as admin the installation exe : and it can copy files and so on.
    BUT : it installs stuff for the admin session, not the current user one, and 3dsMax does not have the Verge3D menu.
    I first thought about some max bullshit, and tried several ways to manually create this menu : no success, of course, the created menu does not find scripts and so on.

    After 2+ hours testing, i find the (bad) solution :
    I’ve changed the ownership / security acces for c:\programs files so that current user can write files into it.
    Started Verge3D installation as current user (not admin), and it worked.

    I think you should change the installation process to install verge3D for all users (like some other softwares), it could solve this issue.

    Bets regards.

    "1+1=3... for large values of 1"



    There is no need for admin rights to install Verge3D. Just select some other directory in the installer, which is accessible by the non-privileged user (Downloads, Documents, Home… etc).

    P.S: Happy see more Verge3D users among youngsters :yahoo:

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
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    Ok, but the default is within program files, and i guess it has to install stuff in the autodesk / 3dsmax 20xx folder.

    I mean, if i let all by default, i get the “can’t write file” error, and can be confusing for artists guys.
    I’m sort of an hybrid guy : 80% artist, 20% maths/code, 100% nerd.
    And i had to find this workaround to get it installed, and it took me 2+ hours to get it done.

    So just maybe if it could be simplyfied…

    "1+1=3... for large values of 1"


    Agreed, we need to do something about it. :scratch:

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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