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Fit to camera Edge question.

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    Hi all, I’m using the new options to fit/lock 3d objects (icons) to the camera. They are very useful, but I have a small question.

    I created 4 3d icons in 3dsmax, then attached them to the camera and created the look at constrain. I activated “FIT TO CAMERA EDGE” with the HORIZONTAL option set to LEFT.
    Here everything is ok, and the 4 icons are always on the left, in the same proportion that I created inside 3dsmax, and they “scale their size” according to the height of the browser:

    The problem is when I attach the icons with the Vertical bottom option.
    They stick to the bottom but don’t resize, and if my window is short, they get cut off. Why this different approach? Can you help me to get the same result as with the horizontal option?

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    Hi Marco,

    unfortunately there is no way to make this in 3ds max at the moment, since the camera in 3ds max lacks this option (it is present in both Blender and Maya though). We created a task in our dev tracker to implement this option as a custom setting or as puzzle.

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    Ok thanks. I’m at the end of my configurator work and i think you cannot implemet this feature soon. So i think i have to change the layout idea :(.
    Anyway, thanks!



    the camera viewport fitting options will be added in the next pre-release.

    Verge3D Developer

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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