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Feature Request: onload Function

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    For any iframe, there is an onload property. It would be nice to be able to access this in puzzles. Currently, I’m having a tough time trying to workaround to get my index.html to run a v3d.puzzles.procedures[‘myProcedure’]();

    console logging has got me this far; an empty objetinside of:
    {}[[Prototype]]: Object

    I need to access the puzzle, as it makes use of variables in the puzzle environment. So;

    How do I access a puzzle procedure for index.html, or access vaiables from visual logic.js in index.html?


    Attached is what I tried;accessing a named puzzle procedure, adding v3d.js, app.js, visuallogic.js as modules and text/javascript.

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    Can anybody help with this?

    To try and better explain;

    For an iframe element in my parent doc, i have a src link which I change depending on an annotation that is clicked. This iframe takes some time to preload, and also ‘onload’ it actually takes 2/3 seconds more to render fully. For this reason, I want to link a puzzle to create a time delay before display:none – ing the preloader.

    Is there a way I could run a puzzles procedure in the ‘onload’ property of an iframe, in my index.html document? :scratch: :scratch:


    Thanks for the suggestion! We’re going to support the “load” event in the upcoming Verge3D pre-release.

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
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    Great! Thank you Alexander!

    Will this be the pre-5?



    Dear Alexander, how would i get the ‘load’ event to work for my v3d app, signalling that all the contents of the app are loaded? It’s the same thing, right, an iframe that fires a load event?

    I did post a topic regarding some puzzles, such as animate param to animate css, are unavailable from the init tab. Thus I don’t see how I can fade out my preloader nicely, although it’s only a small change I know. Animate param is more helpful, since it has the ‘when finished do’ slot so that after a transition to opacity 0% I can set display:none.

    Hoping this makes sense.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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