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Environment lighting stopped working after updating Mac and Verge3D

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    Hello everyone,
    Been searching the whole forum and on google for a solution.

    I’m also not a 100% sure if i’m doing something wrong but i’ve changed my Intel Mac to a M1 Max Macbook and installed Blender 3.4 and Verge3D 4.1.1 (now updated to preview 4.2).

    So my problem is whenever i create a new app, the preview and HDRI lighting works fine (image01).

    Then i open the blend file from the App Manager and hit on sneak peak. As soon as i do this, there’s no environment lighting anymore. The only light working in the scene is the point light. (image02)

    I’ve tested the environment lighting without the mix node and then it’s working again, so i guess it must be something in regards to the mix node? (image03/04)

    Did anyone experience something similar?
    My workaround right to achieve this is connecting the environment texture straight into the background node and placing a black sphere around the whole scene.

    I tested the following versions:
    Blender 3
    Blender 3.2.2
    Blender 3.4

    Verge3D 4.1.1
    Verge3D 4.2 pre1

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards

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    Intel based Mac
    Mac OS: 12.6
    Chrome: Version 105.0.5195.125 (Official Build) (x86_64)
    Blender 3.3
    Verge3d 4.1.1

    In the above setup, I am not experiencing any issues based on your World Material.

    I would stick with Blender 3.3 as I don’t believe 3.4 is fully implemented and I don’t believe Verge 4.2.1 which is also not a released version is 100% error free or compatible with 3.4.

    Blender 3.3 and Verge 4.1.1 are pretty stable and seem to be working well. Hopefully, someone with an Apple silicon Mac can chime in and verify.

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    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions - https://www.r66d.com


    Thanks xeon for your answer and the screenshots!

    So blenders website is currently down and can’t download 3.3 but you made me investigate my world setup again because I noticed that my mix node looks different than yours or the one showed in the manual under the section “background”. I’m quite new to blender, coming from c4d i’m not familiar with the world system nor the nodes but by adding the mix node manually i got it to work. Here’s what I did:

    Again, I first created a new app, launched it from app manager and the environment lighting with grey background from the template file are working. As soon as i open the blender file from app manager and immediately press on sneak peak it breaks.

    Screenshot 1: Newly created verge app and blender file opened with app manager.

    Screenshot 2: After pressing sneak peak background color working but no environment light.

    Screenshot 3: Manually added a mix node and connected the same way as template file

    Screenshot 4: Environment lighting and background working as expected.

    Even though the nodes seem to do the same to me, there must be some sort of difference between the them right? I can see the one from the template has a dropdown saying “color” and the working one doesn’t, but then I don’t get why the non-working one is used in the template? Did this maybe change in blender 3.4?

    Thanks again for any inputs and help!

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    Sorry, last image didn’t upload.
    Here’s screenshot 4!

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