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Enhance the search system for that forum

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    Lot of People ask the same things because they cannot find things in forum.. And I think that Yuri and Co. has so much work with the development and marketing that this bad search machine just wasting his time.
    And for me is more important that the plugin gets better, and he and he’s lovely team have time enough for that. As long the plugin is so bitchy and the documentation and forum so pure, I am not going to buy it. But I wish! And I gonna wait for better times….
    PS: Also the documentation search is not good enough.
    For example:
    I need to find tips for optimization of project for all mobile devices.
    So I search a keys like: “mobile”, “touch”, more words like “mobile troubleshooting” or “”highlight rendering IOS” or whatever… try to find something… You get not much info but I know, it is there



    Did you try the forums’ native search box? It works pretty well for me when I need to find some old topic.

    soft8soft forum search box

    As of the documentation, you may just use Google, e.g. verge3d mobile app.

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    yes I know, dear Yuri :). Thank you for that. I think this search system isn’t efficient. I have just bad feeling to ask all the time for something…
    You made such a great work. I am not programmer. I have so many questions…basics, stupid questions…


    Don’t forget this other Google trick: you can limit your search to a specific domain or even a sub-directory within that domain:
    Here is a sample query: “site:www.soft8soft.com/topic mobile app”
    Do not include the quotation marks. This will search the forums.

    Jeremy Wernick

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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