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    Our company was engaged in delivering 3D content for the web and AR. In the last year, we decided to also offer our clients 3D / AR implementation into the web and 3D configurators for e-shops.

    We are looking for a coder with knowledge of Verge3D JavaScript / CSS / HTML and possibly ARCore to work on current and future projects.

    The current task on the 3D coat configurator project, which is built on the WordPress + Woocommerce platform, is:

    After clicking the Woocommerce Add to Cart button, generate a gltf file with the current configuration and attach this file or a link to the file to the item in the cart. After order confirmation, this file will be sent in the order as an attachment or as a download link.

    Payment based on completed tasks


    Hej Radek,

    Ostatnio pracowałem nad prostą aplikację w Verge3D która wykonuje customowe zdjęcia dla obiektów. Potem użytkownik dynamicznie dokłada informacje do tego obiektu. Informacje + zdjęcia może pobrać w postaci pdf. Także chętnie pomogę w problemie.

    Pisz na maila karol.zurek.94@gmail.com.


    Hope you are doing great,
    I would like to assist you regards your work.
    Kindly reach me via skype/email.

    Lauren W.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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