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Camera angle zoom

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    Is there a way to change the zoom function to changing the camera angle, like in a camera, as opposed to moving the camera forward, like in a video game?


    It is possible in principle I think (check this out for example). Basically you need to change camera FOV instead of position.
    Making it work requires some coding efforts though. Yet right now you can do it in a “jumping” manner at least – create another camera with a different FOV and use the set active camera puzzle.

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    Is there any work on this? I need to change the camera fov (viewing angle NOT position) by mouse-wheel for my project. Setting the camera (fov / zoom) is a must. Atleast give me the posibilitynto use camera fov animation from 3dsmax so I could set animation frame in order to “zoom”.


    You can modify the camera FOV via JavaSCript:


    You can do this inside the exec script puzzle and thus integrate with animation puzzles.

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    can you show an example exec script to set the camera focal length?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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