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Call for Verge3D experts!

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    Dear Verge3D community!

    To help you find more customers, and help the customers find you, we decided to create a list of digital agencies, freelancers and instructors skilled in Verge3D.

    Requirements to become featured on that page:

    • Be a Verge3D licensee with non-expired maintenance subscription.
    • Have at least one quality project made with Verge3D.
    • Have a website or social media page with portfolio and contact info.

    If you qualify, please send us:

    • Your company logo, app screenshot or any other image you want to be presented. The size of the image must be 819×497.
    • Your location, for example London, UK.
    • Link to the landing page on your website (alternatively, the main page, contact info or portfolio page).

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    It’s great, let’s do it.


    Super idea! B-) This is the right place to be!


    Waiting for your applications!

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Always good to present ourselves..
    We are Qmaze, a Web Sales CPQ configurator.

    A simple to use, but powerful Web configurator:
    – Build the user interaction logic with features, options, questions, answers
    – Powerful price and rule calculation with database logic, lookups, mathematics
    – Manage configurations, workflow from quote, order, production to invoicing
    – integrate this, of course with 2D and 3D visualisations using Verge3D
    – generate production bill of materials based on the configuration
    – generate documents in Word and PDF for quotes, orders, production docs

    So if you are working on the 3D stuff of your configurator, integrate it with Qmaze, saving you a lot of money, time, worries! Feel free to drop a mail, so we can discuss your questions, and demonstrate what we can do for you.
    Qmaze website
    or take a look at our latest demo, integrated with Verge3D
    Yacht configurator


    Hi guys!

    We are Qmaze, a Web Sales CPQ configurator.

    can you provide a 819×497 image as well?

    UPD: got it by email and added to the list!

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    We reviewed several applications and updated the page:

    Digital Agencies and Freelancers using Verge3D

    Need more agencies to be present!

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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