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Angles from Blender to Verge3d

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    Hi, I just noticed some weird behaviour for angles of object exported to Verge3d…

    If I rotate an object at 120deg, its “get rotation” in Verge3D value will be 60deg. 110 to 70, 100 to 80, … Any angle with absolute value > 90deg will modified as 180-BlenderValue.

    Is it something with the exporter? Anything I can do to match these values?

    Thank you!!


    Maybe this is Verge 3D puzzles using Local rotation and Global rotation?
    Or you need to reset rotation in Blender (CTRL+A)
    Or your object has a parent so it is offset from that.

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    Thanks for your answer.

    I include a simple example to illustrate my issue. It is actually only the value obtained with “get rotation” puzzle, the object are placed as in Blender…

    I am not resetting rotation in blender as I would like to use the rotation value later in verge3d, and there is no parent for the objects.


    this looks really strange. We’ll take a look!

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    OK. Thanks! Hope you can see something…


    We’ll try to fix that for the upcoming release.

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    Hi again,

    can you try the 2.15pre3 build we issued today?

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    Hi. Seems OK now. :yahoo:

    Thanks a lot! :bye:


    Awesome! Thanks for reporting this issue in the first place! :good:

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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