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3D web meeting launched & can Verge 3D bring its own similar to this?

Home Forums General Questions 3D web meeting launched & can Verge 3D bring its own similar to this?

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    Developers team,

    Shapespark.com has already launched their 3d web meeting & it is fantastic!
    This is what me & may be couple of advanced thinkers were asking on this forum.
    Best feature is it can even show you the virtual position of the person in meeting in 3d space and whether he/she is looking at you or not !!!

    Interesting ! ! !

    Yuri & team please have a look & lets think what we can do !
    I m sure we can bring such amazing things easily !



    just to add the graphical logic reference, which I was working on being an idea inventor to one of my prospect clients.

    Is this possible in verge 3D? I guess should be !

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    no one thinking of this feature yet?


    Hi there,
    The web meeting functionality of ShapeSpark is another tool in the tool belt of WebGL solutions in my opinion. There are customers obviously who want this sort of solution but there are many that absolutely do not.

    If Soft8Soft decides this is something they want to implement, I hope they make it so that it’s an optional add-on rather than bloating the base code.

    I would also hope that the messaging services are left for the verge 3d developers to host and find solutions for. Please do not make the messaging service a paid for cloud service that is shared by others or requires you to buy a block of hours or meetings its the number one reason my clients wont use ShapeSpark messaging service.

    If Soft8Soft is going to go down this road in the future please create a moderator function so that an admin can silence, hide or disable users that are abusing the messaging functions. In many industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, etc. direct communication between the company and end-user must be monitored and specific actions taken depending on the statements made in a conversation.

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    Yeah do agree !
    There has to be a kind of controller / moderator.
    Irresponsible users must be restricted from flooding up.

    But overall this technology enabling the presence of others in 3D scene visible is excellent. Removes the loneliness feeling. Which is a downside of VR world.


    Verge team any words on this feature in verge?
    Not yet?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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