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Verge3D 4.5.1 Maintenance Update

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    We fixed an issue with Blender 4.0 when certain types of textures were used with the Principled BSDF shader. Particularly, textures connected to the Emission and Sheen inputs now work correctly. Thanks for bringing this up on the forums.

    We fixed an issue with Blender 4.1 alpha when using the Noise node which caused the material to fail to render in the engine.

    We fixed an issue with warning messages printed to the browser console every frame when order-independent transparency (OIT) and HiDPI compositing are enabled at the same time. These two techniques are mutually incompatible so we turn OIT off at the moment. Thanks for reporting this on the forums.

    We fixed potential security loopholes in Verge3D WordPress plugin when using the PDF invoicing and file uploading features. Be sure to update your WordPress websites!

    We also made this plugin compatible with the latest WordPress versions. Particularly, the layout on the order editing page in the admin interface is no longer broken.

    Finally, there were several improvements in the User Manual, especially on AR/VR topics. Thanks everybody for providing valuable feedback!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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