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V3D just died?

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    Hi colleagues,

    Today I found myself with v3d app manager not loading. I went trough the usual browser checkup, blender addon etc… everything seems fine, but still not working.
    I went to another workstation, on another network to test what was happening with my project, but the same problem occured.

    Now I just made a fresh Blender 2.82 + V3D 3.0 install on OsX, on a machine that never had either, and same issue.

    Did the new theme or 3.0 version broke everything? The issue was happening on an old 2.17 setup, but it is also happening on fresh installs on new workstations.

    The apps don’t launch either independtly, it’s like something is not running on any browser anymore :wacko:

    What’s going on?


    Hi, Avier3D, just modify the time manually, skip February 29, then the app manager will work normally


    hahahaha thanks! I just realised moments ago!

    Cheers anyways!


    I guess New Zealand has a big downside: You get hit by this stuff earlier than anyone else hahahah


    Fixed that. Re-uploading the pre3 build now.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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