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Textures goes black when exporting new version of verge3d gltf file

Home Forums General Questions Textures goes black when exporting new version of verge3d gltf file

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    Iam having a strange problem right now. I have made two Verge3d applications which are editable from web via rest apis. To this day everything worked okay, but today i had to change something in Blender and i exported new gltf file and now when i load app some parts of model do not have textures (those parts are black) for some reason. Did anyone had similar or same issue and how can i fix that, because i really need to change something on the model but everytime i try to export changes this problem occurs.

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    I have run into similar issues.
    What 3D app are you using and what version of V3d?

    You may want to check/try the following:
    1. is the item that appears black using a GLTF 2.0 compatible material.
    2. is the UV map defined properly for GLTF 2.0. Often times a “texture” coordinate needs to be replaced with a “point”.
    3. Check that your textures are a power of 2

    if none of these apply I would start with a new file.
    Append or import just the object that is causing the issue and see if you can recreate the problem with just that object. If it does still present a problem, post a link to the project and I will be happy to take a look if I can.

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    Hey Xeon, thank you for help. Problem was in UV map, after ajdusting everything works just fine now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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