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Suddenly can’t read JSON files

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    Hello i have an application that suddenly lost it’s ability to read JSON. it worked fine yesterday…

    I have checked the JSON-file and it’s perfect.

    the one thing I have done is to download the latest 4.1.0.

    I’m not sure this is the reason it stopped working.

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    I found the answer. When updating to 4.1.0 all handwritten code in exec files gets mumbled up into something that is not correct.

    i will stay on 4.0.1


    With Verge3d 4.1 don’t use the “read JSON From” puzzle with the “load data” puzzle, now you should do it this way:

    The load data puzzle can now disable caching of loaded files. Also .json files are automatically converted to dictionary when loaded.

    Please check the “Other Improvements” section in the post for more info.

    Verge3D Developer

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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