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Select picture in parent HTML (WooCommerce) and display it in 3D showroom

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    Peter Ebel

    Dear community,

    I’m completely new to Verge3D. I really appreciate this tool, although I haven’t digged very deep yet. But what I saw so far is great!
    Sorry if this post has been going into the wrong forum.
    I’m planning to spin up a WooCommerce shop offering images/posters. These posters I’ll offer in different sizes. My idea is the user to select a poster from the product page in WooCommerce. The selected image is then loaded into a nice showroom which will be a scene modelled in Blender. The image will be applied as a texture to some frame (I’m studying the Custom Image example for this use case). It will be even possible to switch showrooms and to take a look at the image in different environments.
    The basic challenge is to detect which image has been clicked in the Product Page of WooCommerce and then load that picture as a ressource from a folder on the server and apply it as a image texture to some Blender plane. Second challenge is to have a dynamic background. The raw image will be a PNG with a transparent background. My idea is to allow the user to change the color of the background and even apply gradients. Is this possible, I mean can I generate a procedural texture on the fly to be the background for a transparent PNG dynamically?
    The configuration (image, size, background) chosen by the user is sent to me via email, processed by a Raspberry cluster which renders the final image according to the metadata received in the mail (recipient, image, size, background) and finally sends it to the printing studio.
    Is this a feasible scenario, any tipps? Sorry for the longish question…

    Thanks in advance. Any help is really appreciated.


    • This topic was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by Peter Ebel.

    Hi Peter,
    Awesome idea! I think it’s very possible to implement this project in Verge3D. You can start by creating several products in WooCommerce which all link to the same 3D application. In this application you can get your poster SKU by using the product info Puzzle and then append the image (stored on your server) on your frame model with replace texture.

    For dynamic backgrounds, you better implement some UI element switching environments directly in your 3D app, since this feature has no direct connection with WooCommerce. See the Scooter demo as an example of this approach.

    As for collecting ordering data, WooCommerce already has everything you need. This data can be attached directly to your products and sent back to you for printing.

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    Peter Ebel

    Thanks a lot Alexander! Keep up the great work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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