E-Commerce Plugin

This stock plugin adds puzzles that can be used for implementing WooCommerce 3D product views and configurators, as well as for creating standalone order/inquiry forms.


Puzzles Reference

connect to WooCommerce

Connect to WooCommerce system to start receiving product information.

See this tutorial for more details.

product info

Returns a dictionary with product information retrieved by the connect to WooCommerce puzzle. This dictionary (a JavaScript object) contains the following fields:

product attribute

Returns the value for an attribute of the product option selected by the customer, e.g. "Yellow".

See this tutorial for more details.

place order

Composes a hidden order form with the "title", "contents" and "total price" fields and an optional screenshot and submits this form to a specified URL according to the specification explicated in the Wordpress Plugin section. By default the order form is submitted to the demo ordering page.

Verge3D comes with a free Wordpress plug-in that is able to handle requests submitted by this puzzle. Upon receiving such a request, this Wordpress plug-in renders a page with an extended form supplemented with contact and comments fields, the embedded screenshot and a captcha. Filled out form is finally submitted by the customer and a new order is created in Wordpress admin interface. Both the customer and the sales manager are notified about the order by e-mail.

Please refer to the Wordpress Plugin section of this Manual for setup information.

Be sure to enable screenshots in the configure application puzzle otherwise the screenshot may be rendered in black.

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