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Return of the Crunch – attn: any Articulate Storyline Users

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    Return of the Crunch! Think its been about 9 months since I was last here? Oh it wasn’t you Vergey, it was me! Long story but I am back now and WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! Soft8 team has been CRUSHING it.!

    I cannot believe how much more advance and polished everything is..You guys are geniuses!! Thank you! Going to take me a bit to catch up with all the upgrades but just wanted to say thanks and show my LOVE how this software keeps getting better and better everyday!

    Also – any forum members here (I know there is at least one) familiar with bridging Verge apps in with Articulate Storyline presentations, would greatly appreciate all/any tips and tricks you have to share.



    Hey Crunch, it’s nice to have you back! :yes: :)

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Hey Crunch, I just saw this. Unfortunately, Storyline doesn’t make this easy. There’s more to it than just a working file. Pay attention to #4. Here it goes.

    I did this the old way and haven’t tried the new JS puzzle.

    1. Inside your verge_name.js it should look something like this at the bottom of the script. Also, see the puzzle attachment(puzL.png) too.

    //Verge passing variable to Storyline
    function prepareExternalInterface(app) {
            app.ExternalInterface.passvariabletrue = function() {
            var player=parent.GetPlayer();
            var myVar = player.SetVar("variable",true); 
            return myVar; 
            app.ExternalInterface.passvariablefalse = function() {
            var player=parent.GetPlayer();
            var myVar = player.SetVar("variable",false);     
            return myVar; 
    //Storyline calls come here to trigger Verge procedure.
    function runCode(app) {
            window.spin = function() {
                    window.stopspin = function() {

    2. Excecute JS triggers in Storyline should look something like this

    var iframeElements = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");
    var iframeElements = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");

    3. In SL make a webObject(iframe) and then go and rename your local verge_name.html to index.html. Target your webObject to your index.html.(right-click menu on WebObject and select your index.html) SL will make a copy of [all elements within the same folder as index.html (so you might want to remove your blend file first)] and SL places them into its own published WebObject>folder when you publish SL to Web option.

    4.IMPORTANT: If your lucky, everything works. If not (because you need to tweak something in Verge), and you need to republish SL, you will NEED to rename your webObject’s folder name(doesn’t matter what) that has your index.html inside, and again retarget the WebObject to the index.html. If you don’t, it will never overwrite tweaks you’ve made in verge puzzles, js or glTFs.

    Good Luck. -Rick

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    That was really helpful.
    Unfortunately for me that worked partially.
    I tried following the steps above but couldn’t insert the Verge3D web object in Articulate Storyline 360.
    I assume I am missing some steps.
    Could anyone please help me with this?

    Thanks and Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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