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Puzzle app window is just showing the start cube, but not my app

Home Forums General Questions Puzzle app window is just showing the start cube, but not my app

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    Hi there,
    I am trying to learn Verge 3D and bumping int some unexpected behaviour (at least for me). I started a new project, appended a new object and deleted the cube. Sneak peak shows my new objet now.
    I want to add a puzzle and when the puzzle editor window opens, there is still the cube but not my newly inserted object. I used F5, Strg R to reload and make it show my project, but its only showing the cube.
    I am still working with the test version, in case thats a limitation, let me know. If not, what am I doing wrong.


    You need to export the Blender file as a gltf. File -> Export -> Verge3D gltf (.gltf)

    The “Verge3D gltf” exporter is added with the Verge3D plugin. From what I understand, the Puzzles interface reads the project’s current gltf file, not its Blender file. “Sneak Peak” does some behind-the-scenes stuff to show the Blender file in a browser, but none of that transfers over to when you want to add programming in the Puzzles interface, so you must manually export the gltf as described above.

    If you change the Blender file you have to export it again for those changes to appear. The Blender “Quick Favorites” shortcut (“q” key) comes in handy here.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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