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    we @UP Designstudio created a portfolio visualizer for BASF, which shows the various Material Applications they provide in the automotive sector.

    you can view it at https://www.basf-vcar.com/

    this was our first major project using the verge3d library, and after moving over from another engine, we are quite happy with the toolset.

    some technical learnings about v3d in this project:

    – visual quality: it was quite a blessing to work with the blender PBR materials. visuals were almost always consistent in v3d and blender. although there are small differences to be aware of.

    – optimization of load times was a big effort, and we found it difficult to reduce them, while maintaining visual quality. in the end, we landed with a solution that loads multiple times, in smaller portions.
    post-loading textures would only allow small boosts, at the cost of a slower workflow. if there was an integrated feature for this, it would help though.

    – the v3d package comes with a lot of useful functions etc., and most of the things we had to do were there.
    – for specific solutions, the threejs base helped us a lot, and we always were able to find code examples and documentation. that is a huge benefit.

    – we have not touched performance scaling a lot yet, and this is definetly something we will work on in the future. for now, we are quite conservative with the resolutions / effects.

    but, give it a try and tell us what you think!
    if you have questions or feedback, we are open to discuss.


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    Impressive work guys! :good: :good: :good: Thank you for sharing your insights!

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter



    can I get your email ID ?


    hey visualizer,
    there are no dms here, but you can find my mail on our website, i am thomas:


    This looks really great.. can you share how you did the hotspots with description being displayed. Looks very interesting!


    we used the bind puzzle code, and modified it for our purposes:


    the bubbles are generated by vuejs in a v-for loop, and we then have a rendercallback updating all of them, setting their positions.

    it is quite some code, so you will have to look into it


    Hey Thomas
    Pl. check my email plz. I sent yesterday

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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