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Please Help – Cube VR Demo not working

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    Yuri, I really want to get a ‘sandbox’ type scene like the Cube VR (which I can’t get working-It only runs local but not hosted where I can test it with actual VR). Can you update it to work with latest Verge3d?

    Anyway I know there is the industrial Robot demo, but I need a demo scene showing working movement in VR, not just observing. The Industiral Robot demo is also lacking in that.. the controls dont seem to work fully within the Quest2 browser.

    The Snowballs VR demo is great in the quest but way too complex as the mechanics for it are very specific to the game. Its great for showing what Verge3D can do though!

    Please help. Thank you!



    we are planning to make smaller examples (including for showcasing the AR/VR features) as part of upcoming version 4.0 upgrade.

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    Please keep it up! This is the main reason I am using this amazing software!! Thanks for all you do!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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