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Need help about rotation

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    I need help with the rotation of the object when it is not in the center.

    a) If the object is in the middle/center (position 0,0,0) and the user rotates (with a left click) it rotates around itself.
    (image a)

    b) If we move an object (with a right click) and then rotate it (with a left click) it rotates the object around the middle point of the environment and object doing a big circle around.
    (images b1 and b2)

    I’m wondering if it is possible (if exists some library or anything) to rotate an object as it is described in the first case even if it is moved from the center of the environment. (image c)
    I know that verge3d actually moving the camera and not the object itself, but…

    Thank you for any help or idea,


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    it is necessary to test, turn off the camera and make the rotation of the object on the swipe.
    tomorrow I will give a more precise answer.

    3D Interactive Development https://www.blend3dweb.ru/


    Not sure what you mean by turning off the camera. Do you mean it’s movement/rotation?
    Okay, thank you. I have also one of my own theories.
    Hope one of them will work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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