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Light bake system

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    Crazy thought of the day:

    Verge should have some sort of light baking automation.
    I’m now on a quite big interior architecture scene and in order to archive some sort of nice look would need to bake in the light on everything. The preparation (reduce polys, unwrap UV channel 2 for baking, baking etc. will take for ever by hand). In Unreal with Datasmith converting a whole scene from 3dsmax to Unreal including automatic UV lightmap creation, it’s just a few clicks.

    What could Verge3D do?
    1. It would help a lot if I could bake shared lightmaps for many objects at once and somehow infuse all their materials with the one lightmap with a click. Even A puzzle being able to assign an explicit lightmap to a whole group of objects or a loop going through all materials of the object selection would be great too. You could iterate the lightmap-baking without reexporting the whole scene.

    2. A maxscript automating all the dirty work (UV unwrapping, baking, assigning the lightmaps to the materials). Of cause something for Maya / Blender too.

    Whats the best way to include a lightmap (black/white shadow/GI intensity or full blown GI baked adding and shadowing light) into a Physical Material (best gltf 2 compatible) for Verge and still keep them separated from the normal tileable maps? Simple handle it like an AO map and put it into “Base Weight” slot?
    What if I want a more beautiful GI (Unreal also saves directinal info for the lightmap, but let’s ignore this for now)? Like everything below RGB 128 is shadow, everything above 128 is adding light (emmission).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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