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event listener does not work on mobile

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    Augusto Lepori

    In this test site http://test03.informed.mx/lacer/enfermedad_caries/ it works in desktop but when you press the buttons on mobile it doesnt play the animations of the event listener

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    Your puzzle is only activated by one element ID=224. Your site is responsive and changes its IDs based on screen size, aspect ratio, etc. So your puzzle is only taking into consideration the desktop and ignoring everything else.

    You could use Chrome’s developer tools to locate all the associated IDs that are used in your code and assign them in puzzles. Not an approach I would recommend but it would work.

    The current implementation of CSS and HTML seems to be an export from Hype so this makes doing the above even more difficult as it does not use a simple ID naming structure.

    I recommend you review the site using Chromes Development Tools. In some mobile views the v3d container is missing, others its there but you have a full screen button you don’t want to have it there and the site is unfortunately just broken. The layout is not consistent. More than likely due to Hype.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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