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    I like to experiment and was curious if you could embed an app within an app?

    By that, I mean put two apps on the same webpage – one app overlays over the parent app.

    I gave it go using webflow to setup the html. I used embed and placed my main_scene application (iframe link) in the body of html page (100% width and height and fixed position). Then I did another embed for a separate joey_stick application but made the size 300 x 300 px and fixed positioned it bottom right of main document (I was sure to give it a higher z-index number)

    I exported code and copied (index.html plus js and css folder) into to the app directory folder of main_scene. When I open the index.html I get the main_scene as I wanted but in the bottom right corner I see a window (300 x 300 px) but it has a “404 Not Found” error displayed in it.

    Then I copied the folder of joey_stick application and put it into the main_scene application folder, I still I am getting a “404 Not Found” error.

    Here is how I setup the embed tag in webflow

    <iframe width=”100%” height=”100%” frameborder=”0″ src=”/joey_stick/joey_stick.html”></iframe>

    I copied the whole joey_stick app folder and placed it within the main_scene application.

    Is there anyway to get this to work? If I do get it to work, will I be able to use interactions from joey_stick app window (frame) to control puzzles and objects in the main_scene application?


    ah, i had a syntax error, on my second iframe i had src=”/joey_stick.html”, changed it to src=”./joey_stick.html” and it works!

    Verge3d is just pandora’s box for me, possibilities for what you can do with this seem endless and a i feel i haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

    Now is there any way for 1 app to talk to another app? (via like puzzles?) I haven’t tried any experiments yet but thinking that might be a few versions away.. Or maybe possible now? I have no idea, Yuri?

    Yuri Kovelenov
    Yuri Kovelenov

    Glad you worked that out.

    Now is there any way for 1 app to talk to another app? (via like puzzles?)

    That is a rather specific case, but it is possible to use JavaScript to communicate between iframes

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