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    That’s brilliant Yuri, I’m reading up on javascript right now and your updated documentation is making this whole new area for me a lot clearer. Thanks :)

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    Please may I make a suggestion regarding the forum ?

    Please could you change it so that any FORUM links within the message we click on will open in a new tab please ?

    It is driving me nuts where we have all these links within a message, we click on it and then it opens in the same tab as the thread and we lose where we’re at.

    Pahleeeese :)


    First, you need to set up a color picker. Then, you can find (from its docs or by reviewing the code) in what exactly form does it provide colors. You must convert them to RGB values ranged from 0 to 1 before using with puzzles.

    Hi again :)

    Okay, I’ve set up an iframe and I’ve worked out to put my color picker onto the same webpage AND more importantly I’ve figured out how to configure that color picker to be ONLY for RAL-Classic :)

    I just need help knowing how it provides colors for me to feed those back to my puzzles.

    I can’t ‘review the code’ – I’m not that technical :)

    And I’ve looked at the documentation but I cannot find anything which makes sense to me there :)

    Please can someone help ? I’m very, very close :)

    Here is what I’ve created so far :)


    And I’ve set up the material I wish to change via that color-picker with controllers (

    And here are the docs to that color-picker;


    Please, could someone be so kind as to take a quick look at this color-picker’s documentation and let me know what its returned ‘variables’ are called and what I’m supposed to plug back into the rgb slots of the RGB Set Color puzzle (as seen in attached).

    Many thanks.

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    Congratulations with another step forward! Apparently you already have RAL color codes displayed in the input field. Now you need to retrieve the RAL code from the input and convert it to RGB ranged from 0 to 1. You should use JavaScript as this task it too specific to be included in Puzzles.

    Here are some hints:

    Retrieve value of an input element with JavaScript:

    Convert RAL to RGB:

    Pass JavaScript values to Puzzles:

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    Hi Yuri,

    Thank you for the words of encouragement :)

    I don’t really know how this all works (the javascript I’ve got within my html file), but this particular javascript for the RAL-ClASSIC (called jquery.ui.colorpicker-ral-classic.js) has these rgb values inside (please excuse the long ‘copy’ of it) – so would I still need to use a Convert RAL to RGB ?


    jQuery(function($) {
    $.colorpicker.swatchesNames[‘ral-classic’] = ‘RAL Classic’;
    $.colorpicker.swatches[‘ral-classic’] = [
    {name:’1000′, r:0.80392156862745, g:0.72941176470588, b:0.53333333333333},
    {name:’1001′, r:0.8156862745098, g:0.69019607843137, b:0.51764705882353},
    {name:’1002′, r:0.82352941176471, g:0.66666666666667, b:0.42745098039216},
    {name:’1003′, r:0.97647058823529, g:0.65882352941176, b:0},
    {name:’1004′, r:0.89411764705882, g:0.61960784313725, b:0},
    {name:’1005′, r:0.79607843137255, g:0.55686274509804, b:0},
    {name:’1006′, r:0.88627450980392, g:0.56470588235294, b:0},
    {name:’1007′, r:0.90980392156863, g:0.54901960784314, b:0},
    {name:’1011′, r:0.68627450980392, g:0.50196078431373, b:0.30980392156863},
    {name:’1012′, r:0.86666666666667, g:0.68627450980392, b:0.15294117647059},
    {name:’1013′, r:0.89019607843137, g:0.85098039215686, b:0.77647058823529},
    {name:’1014′, r:0.86666666666667, g:0.76862745098039, b:0.60392156862745},
    {name:’1015′, r:0.90196078431373, g:0.82352941176471, b:0.70980392156863},
    {name:’1016′, r:0.94509803921569, g:0.86666666666667, b:0.21960784313725},
    {name:’1017′, r:0.96470588235294, g:0.66274509803922, b:0.31372549019608},
    {name:’1018′, r:0.98039215686275, g:0.7921568627451, b:0.18823529411765},
    {name:’1019′, r:0.64313725490196, g:0.56078431372549, b:0.47843137254902},
    {name:’1020′, r:0.62745098039216, g:0.56078431372549, b:0.39607843137255},
    {name:’1021′, r:0.96470588235294, g:0.71372549019608, b:0},
    {name:’1023′, r:0.96862745098039, g:0.70980392156863, b:0},
    {name:’1024′, r:0.72941176470588, g:0.56078431372549, b:0.29803921568627},
    {name:’1026′, r:1, g:1, b:0},
    {name:’1027′, r:0.65490196078431, g:0.49803921568627, b:0.054901960784314},
    {name:’1028′, r:1, g:0.6078431372549, b:0},
    {name:’1032′, r:0.88627450980392, g:0.63921568627451, b:0},
    {name:’1033′, r:0.97647058823529, g:0.60392156862745, b:0.10980392156863},
    {name:’1034′, r:0.92156862745098, g:0.61176470588235, b:0.32156862745098},
    {name:’1035′, r:0.56470588235294, g:0.51372549019608, b:0.43921568627451},
    {name:’1036′, r:0.50196078431373, g:0.3921568627451, b:0.24705882352941},
    {name:’1037′, r:0.94117647058824, g:0.57254901960784, b:0},
    {name:’2000′, r:0.85490196078431, g:0.43137254901961, b:0},
    {name:’2001′, r:0.72941176470588, g:0.28235294117647, b:0.10588235294118},
    {name:’2002′, r:0.74901960784314, g:0.22352941176471, b:0.13333333333333},
    {name:’2003′, r:0.96470588235294, g:0.47058823529412, b:0.15686274509804},
    {name:’2004′, r:0.88627450980392, g:0.32549019607843, b:0.011764705882353},
    {name:’2005′, r:1, g:0.30196078431373, b:0},
    {name:’2007′, r:1, g:0.69803921568627, b:0},
    {name:’2008′, r:0.92941176470588, g:0.41960784313725, b:0.12941176470588},
    {name:’2009′, r:0.87058823529412, g:0.32549019607843, b:0.027450980392157},
    {name:’2010′, r:0.8156862745098, g:0.36470588235294, b:0.15686274509804},
    {name:’2011′, r:0.88627450980392, g:0.43137254901961, b:0.054901960784314},
    {name:’2012′, r:0.83529411764706, g:0.39607843137255, b:0.30196078431373},
    {name:’2013′, r:0.57254901960784, g:0.24313725490196, b:0.14509803921569},
    {name:’3000′, r:0.65490196078431, g:0.16078431372549, b:0.12549019607843},
    {name:’3001′, r:0.6078431372549, g:0.14117647058824, b:0.13725490196078},
    {name:’3002′, r:0.6078431372549, g:0.13725490196078, b:0.12941176470588},
    {name:’3003′, r:0.52549019607843, g:0.10196078431373, b:0.13333333333333},
    {name:’3004′, r:0.41960784313725, g:0.10980392156863, b:0.13725490196078},
    {name:’3005′, r:0.34901960784314, g:0.098039215686275, b:0.12156862745098},
    {name:’3007′, r:0.24313725490196, g:0.12549019607843, b:0.13333333333333},
    {name:’3009′, r:0.42745098039216, g:0.20392156862745, b:0.17647058823529},
    {name:’3011′, r:0.47450980392157, g:0.14117647058824, b:0.13725490196078},
    {name:’3012′, r:0.77647058823529, g:0.51764705882353, b:0.42745098039216},
    {name:’3013′, r:0.5921568627451, g:0.18039215686275, b:0.14509803921569},
    {name:’3014′, r:0.79607843137255, g:0.45098039215686, b:0.45882352941176},
    {name:’3015′, r:0.84705882352941, g:0.62745098039216, b:0.65098039215686},
    {name:’3016′, r:0.65098039215686, g:0.23921568627451, b:0.1843137254902},
    {name:’3017′, r:0.79607843137255, g:0.33333333333333, b:0.36470588235294},
    {name:’3018′, r:0.78039215686275, g:0.24705882352941, b:0.29019607843137},
    {name:’3020′, r:0.73333333333333, g:0.11764705882353, b:0.062745098039216},
    {name:’3022′, r:0.81176470588235, g:0.41176470588235, b:0.33333333333333},
    {name:’3024′, r:1, g:0.17647058823529, b:0.12941176470588},
    {name:’3026′, r:1, g:0.16470588235294, b:0.10588235294118},
    {name:’3027′, r:0.67058823529412, g:0.15294117647059, b:0.23529411764706},
    {name:’3028′, r:0.8, g:0.17254901960784, b:0.14117647058824},
    {name:’3031′, r:0.65098039215686, g:0.20392156862745, b:0.2156862745098},
    {name:’3032′, r:0.43921568627451, g:0.11372549019608, b:0.13725490196078},
    {name:’3033′, r:0.64705882352941, g:0.22745098039216, b:0.17647058823529},
    {name:’4001′, r:0.50588235294118, g:0.38039215686275, b:0.51372549019608},
    {name:’4002′, r:0.55294117647059, g:0.23529411764706, b:0.29411764705882},
    {name:’4003′, r:0.76862745098039, g:0.38039215686275, b:0.54901960784314},
    {name:’4004′, r:0.39607843137255, g:0.11764705882353, b:0.21960784313725},
    {name:’4005′, r:0.46274509803922, g:0.4078431372549, b:0.60392156862745},
    {name:’4006′, r:0.56470588235294, g:0.2, b:0.45098039215686},
    {name:’4007′, r:0.27843137254902, g:0.14117647058824, b:0.23529411764706},
    {name:’4008′, r:0.51764705882353, g:0.29803921568627, b:0.50980392156863},
    {name:’4009′, r:0.6156862745098, g:0.52549019607843, b:0.57254901960784},
    {name:’4010′, r:0.73725490196078, g:0.25098039215686, b:0.46666666666667},
    {name:’4011′, r:0.43137254901961, g:0.38823529411765, b:0.52941176470588},
    {name:’4012′, r:0.41960784313725, g:0.41960784313725, b:0.49803921568627},
    {name:’5000′, r:0.1921568627451, g:0.30980392156863, b:0.43529411764706},
    {name:’5001′, r:0.058823529411765, g:0.29803921568627, b:0.3921568627451},
    {name:’5002′, r:0, g:0.21960784313725, b:0.48235294117647},
    {name:’5003′, r:0.12156862745098, g:0.21960784313725, b:0.33333333333333},
    {name:’5004′, r:0.098039215686275, g:0.11764705882353, b:0.15686274509804},
    {name:’5005′, r:0, g:0.32549019607843, b:0.52941176470588},
    {name:’5007′, r:0.2156862745098, g:0.41960784313725, b:0.54901960784314},
    {name:’5008′, r:0.16862745098039, g:0.22745098039216, b:0.26666666666667},
    {name:’5009′, r:0.13333333333333, g:0.37254901960784, b:0.47058823529412},
    {name:’5010′, r:0, g:0.30980392156863, b:0.48627450980392},
    {name:’5011′, r:0.10196078431373, g:0.16862745098039, b:0.23529411764706},
    {name:’5012′, r:0, g:0.53725490196078, b:0.71372549019608},
    {name:’5013′, r:0.098039215686275, g:0.1921568627451, b:0.32549019607843},
    {name:’5014′, r:0.38823529411765, g:0.49019607843137, b:0.58823529411765},
    {name:’5015′, r:0, g:0.48627450980392, b:0.69019607843137},
    {name:’5017′, r:0, g:0.35686274509804, b:0.54901960784314},
    {name:’5018′, r:0.019607843137255, g:0.54509803921569, b:0.54901960784314},
    {name:’5019′, r:0, g:0.36862745098039, b:0.51372549019608},
    {name:’5020′, r:0, g:0.25490196078431, b:0.29411764705882},
    {name:’5021′, r:0, g:0.45882352941176, b:0.46666666666667},
    {name:’5022′, r:0.13333333333333, g:0.17647058823529, b:0.35294117647059},
    {name:’5023′, r:0.25882352941176, g:0.41176470588235, b:0.54901960784314},
    {name:’5024′, r:0.37647058823529, g:0.57647058823529, b:0.67450980392157},
    {name:’5025′, r:0.12941176470588, g:0.41176470588235, b:0.48627450980392},
    {name:’5026′, r:0.058823529411765, g:0.18823529411765, b:0.32156862745098},
    {name:’6000′, r:0.23529411764706, g:0.45490196078431, b:0.37647058823529},
    {name:’6001′, r:0.21176470588235, g:0.40392156862745, b:0.2078431372549},
    {name:’6002′, r:0.19607843137255, g:0.34901960784314, b:0.15686274509804},
    {name:’6003′, r:0.31372549019608, g:0.32549019607843, b:0.23529411764706},
    {name:’6004′, r:0.007843137254902, g:0.26666666666667, b:0.25882352941176},
    {name:’6005′, r:0.066666666666667, g:0.25882352941176, b:0.19607843137255},
    {name:’6006′, r:0.23529411764706, g:0.22352941176471, b:0.18039215686275},
    {name:’6007′, r:0.17254901960784, g:0.19607843137255, b:0.13333333333333},
    {name:’6008′, r:0.2156862745098, g:0.20392156862745, b:0.16470588235294},
    {name:’6009′, r:0.15294117647059, g:0.2078431372549, b:0.16470588235294},
    {name:’6010′, r:0.30196078431373, g:0.43529411764706, b:0.22352941176471},
    {name:’6011′, r:0.42352941176471, g:0.48627450980392, b:0.34901960784314},
    {name:’6012′, r:0.18823529411765, g:0.23921568627451, b:0.22745098039216},
    {name:’6013′, r:0.49019607843137, g:0.46274509803922, b:0.35294117647059},
    {name:’6014′, r:0.27843137254902, g:0.25490196078431, b:0.2078431372549},
    {name:’6015′, r:0.23921568627451, g:0.23921568627451, b:0.21176470588235},
    {name:’6016′, r:0, g:0.41176470588235, b:0.29803921568627},
    {name:’6017′, r:0.34509803921569, g:0.49803921568627, b:0.25098039215686},
    {name:’6018′, r:0.38039215686275, g:0.6, b:0.23137254901961},
    {name:’6019′, r:0.72549019607843, g:0.8078431372549, b:0.67450980392157},
    {name:’6020′, r:0.2156862745098, g:0.25882352941176, b:0.1843137254902},
    {name:’6021′, r:0.54117647058824, g:0.6, b:0.46666666666667},
    {name:’6022′, r:0.22745098039216, g:0.2, b:0.15294117647059},
    {name:’6024′, r:0, g:0.51372549019608, b:0.31764705882353},
    {name:’6025′, r:0.36862745098039, g:0.43137254901961, b:0.23137254901961},
    {name:’6026′, r:0, g:0.37254901960784, b:0.30588235294118},
    {name:’6027′, r:0.49411764705882, g:0.72941176470588, b:0.70980392156863},
    {name:’6028′, r:0.1921568627451, g:0.32941176470588, b:0.25882352941176},
    {name:’6029′, r:0, g:0.43529411764706, b:0.23921568627451},
    {name:’6032′, r:0.13725490196078, g:0.49803921568627, b:0.32156862745098},
    {name:’6033′, r:0.27450980392157, g:0.52941176470588, b:0.49803921568627},
    {name:’6034′, r:0.47843137254902, g:0.67450980392157, b:0.67450980392157},
    {name:’6035′, r:0.098039215686275, g:0.30196078431373, b:0.14509803921569},
    {name:’6036′, r:0.015686274509804, g:0.34117647058824, b:0.29411764705882},
    {name:’6037′, r:0, g:0.54509803921569, b:0.16078431372549},
    {name:’6038′, r:0, g:0.70980392156863, b:0.10196078431373},
    {name:’7000′, r:0.47843137254902, g:0.53333333333333, b:0.55686274509804},
    {name:’7001′, r:0.54901960784314, g:0.58823529411765, b:0.6156862745098},
    {name:’7002′, r:0.50588235294118, g:0.47058823529412, b:0.38823529411765},
    {name:’7003′, r:0.47843137254902, g:0.46274509803922, b:0.41176470588235},
    {name:’7004′, r:0.6078431372549, g:0.6078431372549, b:0.6078431372549},
    {name:’7005′, r:0.42352941176471, g:0.43137254901961, b:0.41960784313725},
    {name:’7006′, r:0.46274509803922, g:0.4156862745098, b:0.36862745098039},
    {name:’7008′, r:0.45490196078431, g:0.36862745098039, b:0.23921568627451},
    {name:’7009′, r:0.36470588235294, g:0.37647058823529, b:0.34509803921569},
    {name:’7010′, r:0.34509803921569, g:0.36078431372549, b:0.33725490196078},
    {name:’7011′, r:0.32156862745098, g:0.34901960784314, b:0.36470588235294},
    {name:’7012′, r:0.34117647058824, g:0.36470588235294, b:0.36862745098039},
    {name:’7013′, r:0.34117647058824, g:0.31372549019608, b:0.26666666666667},
    {name:’7015′, r:0.30980392156863, g:0.32549019607843, b:0.34509803921569},
    {name:’7016′, r:0.21960784313725, g:0.24313725490196, b:0.25882352941176},
    {name:’7021′, r:0.1843137254902, g:0.19607843137255, b:0.20392156862745},
    {name:’7022′, r:0.29803921568627, g:0.29019607843137, b:0.26666666666667},
    {name:’7023′, r:0.50196078431373, g:0.50196078431373, b:0.46274509803922},
    {name:’7024′, r:0.27058823529412, g:0.28627450980392, b:0.30588235294118},
    {name:’7026′, r:0.2156862745098, g:0.26274509803922, b:0.27058823529412},
    {name:’7030′, r:0.57254901960784, g:0.55686274509804, b:0.52156862745098},
    {name:’7031′, r:0.35686274509804, g:0.4078431372549, b:0.42745098039216},
    {name:’7032′, r:0.70980392156863, g:0.69019607843137, b:0.63137254901961},
    {name:’7033′, r:0.49803921568627, g:0.50980392156863, b:0.45490196078431},
    {name:’7034′, r:0.57254901960784, g:0.53333333333333, b:0.43529411764706},
    {name:’7035′, r:0.77254901960784, g:0.78039215686275, b:0.76862745098039},
    {name:’7036′, r:0.5921568627451, g:0.57647058823529, b:0.57254901960784},
    {name:’7037′, r:0.47843137254902, g:0.48235294117647, b:0.47843137254902},
    {name:’7038′, r:0.69019607843137, g:0.69019607843137, b:0.66274509803922},
    {name:’7039′, r:0.41960784313725, g:0.4, b:0.36862745098039},
    {name:’7040′, r:0.59607843137255, g:0.61960784313725, b:0.63137254901961},
    {name:’7042′, r:0.55686274509804, g:0.57254901960784, b:0.56862745098039},
    {name:’7043′, r:0.30980392156863, g:0.32156862745098, b:0.31372549019608},
    {name:’7044′, r:0.71764705882353, g:0.70196078431373, b:0.65882352941176},
    {name:’7045′, r:0.55294117647059, g:0.57254901960784, b:0.5843137254902},
    {name:’7046′, r:0.49803921568627, g:0.52549019607843, b:0.54117647058824},
    {name:’7047′, r:0.7843137254902, g:0.7843137254902, b:0.78039215686275},
    {name:’7048′, r:0.50588235294118, g:0.48235294117647, b:0.45098039215686},
    {name:’8000′, r:0.53725490196078, g:0.41176470588235, b:0.24313725490196},
    {name:’8001′, r:0.6156862745098, g:0.3843137254902, b:0.16862745098039},
    {name:’8002′, r:0.47450980392157, g:0.30196078431373, b:0.24313725490196},
    {name:’8003′, r:0.49411764705882, g:0.29411764705882, b:0.14901960784314},
    {name:’8004′, r:0.55294117647059, g:0.28627450980392, b:0.1921568627451},
    {name:’8007′, r:0.43921568627451, g:0.27058823529412, b:0.16470588235294},
    {name:’8008′, r:0.44705882352941, g:0.29019607843137, b:0.14509803921569},
    {name:’8011′, r:0.35294117647059, g:0.21960784313725, b:0.14901960784314},
    {name:’8012′, r:0.4, g:0.2, b:0.16862745098039},
    {name:’8014′, r:0.29019607843137, g:0.2078431372549, b:0.14901960784314},
    {name:’8015′, r:0.36862745098039, g:0.1843137254902, b:0.14901960784314},
    {name:’8016′, r:0.29803921568627, g:0.16862745098039, b:0.12549019607843},
    {name:’8017′, r:0.26666666666667, g:0.1843137254902, b:0.16078431372549},
    {name:’8019′, r:0.23921568627451, g:0.21176470588235, b:0.2078431372549},
    {name:’8022′, r:0.10196078431373, g:0.090196078431373, b:0.094117647058824},
    {name:’8023′, r:0.64313725490196, g:0.34117647058824, b:0.16078431372549},
    {name:’8024′, r:0.47450980392157, g:0.31372549019608, b:0.21960784313725},
    {name:’8025′, r:0.45882352941176, g:0.34509803921569, b:0.27843137254902},
    {name:’8028′, r:0.31764705882353, g:0.22745098039216, b:0.16470588235294},
    {name:’8029′, r:0.49803921568627, g:0.25098039215686, b:0.1921568627451},
    {name:’9001′, r:0.91372549019608, g:0.87843137254902, b:0.82352941176471},
    {name:’9002′, r:0.84313725490196, g:0.83529411764706, b:0.79607843137255},
    {name:’9003′, r:0.92549019607843, g:0.92549019607843, b:0.90588235294118},
    {name:’9004′, r:0.16862745098039, g:0.16862745098039, b:0.17254901960784},
    {name:’9005′, r:0.054901960784314, g:0.054901960784314, b:0.062745098039216},
    {name:’9006′, r:0.63137254901961, g:0.63137254901961, b:0.62745098039216},
    {name:’9007′, r:0.52941176470588, g:0.52156862745098, b:0.50588235294118},
    {name:’9010′, r:0.94509803921569, g:0.92549019607843, b:0.88235294117647},
    {name:’9011′, r:0.15294117647059, g:0.16078431372549, b:0.16862745098039},
    {name:’9016′, r:0.94509803921569, g:0.94117647058824, b:0.91764705882353},
    {name:’9017′, r:0.16470588235294, g:0.16078431372549, b:0.16470588235294},
    {name:’9018′, r:0.7843137254902, g:0.79607843137255, b:0.76862745098039},
    {name:’9022′, r:0.52156862745098, g:0.52156862745098, b:0.51372549019608},
    {name:’9023′, r:0.47450980392157, g:0.48235294117647, b:0.47843137254902}


    That’s all you need! Get the RGB values from this array by RAL code

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    I am millimeters away from sorting this :)

    I’ve got a freelancer helping me with the code, and he can tell me what those RGB values will be.

    But…. what I don’t understand is that when he ‘tells’ me what those values will be, what is the best way to pass them back to puzzles ?

    I’ve taken a look at that link you sent me, https://www.soft8soft.com/docs/manual/en/puzzles/Misc.html#when_called_from_JS,

    So does he need to set these up as a JSON File ? (I’m just trying to understand the tools all being used here :) )


    haha, that puzzle is obsolete as of today :whistle:

    Now you can trigger procedure puzzles from JavaScript directly. See the example in the release notes for v. 2.15 (section called JavaScript and CSS).

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Oops, I forgot that you are a Maxer! The Max version will be available in a few days, maybe even tomorrow.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Hi Yuri,

    I’m way out of my depth here :)

    This is like learning Arabic for me (in a few hours)….. :)

    It sounds significant what you’re saying, unfortunately I cannot appreciate the amazing-ness of your update because i don’t understand it ! :)

    Please, can you tell me what I’m supposed to be looking at ? :) (I know it’s in the JavaScript and CSS section but what are the implications for my application here in this instance).

    Apologies for my complete lack of understanding :)

    Please, just put me out of my misery :)

    Thanks in advance :)

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by jezuk.

    Finger’s crossed for tomorrow :) :good: :yahoo:

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by jezuk.


    Tada !!!

    (okay, we still have some work to do, currently you have to click on the *door* to apply the new colour, but we’ve made massive progress :) ).



    • This reply was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by jezuk.

    Yeah! :yahoo: Congrats with completing this rather non-trivial task! :good:

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Well, I played my part, but then so did everybody else ! Including you and then the developer I found who has been a great find.

    He and I worked together last night to get to this point, which I’m sure our client will be impressed with.

    We’re still on the trial version of Verge3D, but it’s now a no-brainer, my client will for sure be making the purchase of Verge3D :)

    Is there a discount if we purchased both 3DS Max AND Blender version at the same time ?

    One thing that my developer friend would have really benefited from, would be access to the App manager, so that he could create/work on the puzzle side of things. He isn’t a 3D person, doesn’t have 3DS Max etc.

    The only way we could get around it was to screen share and for me to do what he said :)

    Any ideas on that side of things as well Yuri ?

    Once again, many thanks for your encouraging help and assistance, you don’t know how important that was to keep me plugging away at this :)

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by jezuk.

    I just answered your email! :)

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter

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