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Animation to multiple objects

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    How to apply same animation to multiple Blender Objects, if it is only one object, I understood how to do it but, is there any way to apply this same animation to a set of 30 or more objects.

    For example: If there is an animation of fading-in given to one cube, what if I want to give this same animation to 30 or more cubes in the same scene?


    You can clone objects with animation like here using this plugin https://www.soft8soft.com/topic/verge3d-tools-plugin/
    The standard clone object puzzle won’t allow you to do this. And it can’t clone properly skinned meshes…

    Or you can just clone objects in Blender (Shift+D or Alt+D) with the same effect.

    Puzzles and JS. Fast and expensive.

    If you don’t see the meaning in something it primarily means that you just don’t see it but not the absence of meaning at all.


    Yes, that is correct kdv but, I want to give the same animation to different objects. Like If I have an animation for a UV Sphere, I want to give that same animation to Cubes or Cylinders.

    I have taken simple blender mesh as example here, but my objects are going to be parts of a complex model. So cloning objects can’t help me here because none of my objects will be same.

    Hope you are getting what I am trying to ask for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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