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Online 3D Furniture Configurator

Interactive 3D brings customer experience to a completely new level. This web-based furniture configurator created by the German studio 3D Media Lab is a perfect example of this approach.

Click on the image to run the live experience.

This application runs in standard browsers including on mobile devices without the need to download and install anything. This way one can engage potential customers immediately without losing time or interest.

The most important result obtained from this experience is that the customers can personalize furniture to match their wishes. For example, one can tweak finishes, colors and materials and select and compare options without leaving the same page.

Click on the image to run the live experience.

The developer of this application is 3D Media Lab, a digital media agency from Münster, Germany that specializes in 3D animation, illustration, modeling and construction. Software used: Verge3D for 3ds Max.

Check out the live version of this configurator online.

Verge3D simplifies the development to the extent that such content can be produced exclusively by 3D artists, without any involvement from web developers. This is possible thanks to the intuitive visual logic editor Puzzles. The 3D content can be seamlessly integrated in web pages created with website builders.

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