3D Car Configurator by Dongfeng Nissan

Dongfeng Nissan, a joint venture of two auto giants from China and Japan, placed this exceptional 3D car configurator right on the front page of its website.

3D car configurator - doors open
Click on the image to run the live experience.

Before buying an expensive product such as a car, the customer would always like to have the full information about the car’s exterior, interior and available options. And it is hardly possible to provide a more convenient way to offer this info than an interactive 3D configurator.

3D car configurator - view from above

Check it out yourself! It doesn’t matter that the website is in Chinese – you’ll easily get the idea how to play with this experience even if you don’t get a word. Click on the parts or on the color palette to configure a vehicle of your dream!

In addition, you can appreciate the interior by navigating through a realistic 3D panorama.

3D car configurator - interior 360 view
Click on the image to run the live experience.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation is major automobile manufacturer from China. The other company is a Japanese auto producer that sells its cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands.

Check out the live version of this configurator online.

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