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Woocommerce variable products and verge3d can we use a composite product

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    We have the ability to use a variable product with verge3d and use a attribute to get puzzles to update my image colors and size in WooCommerce( like you have it in the spinner product).

    How hard is it to make the same puzzle so we can use a composite product instead of a variable product?
    I am using this plugin.https://wpclever.net/downloads/composite-products

    I would use a variable product but I will have 1000’s of variations and that will be way to many and need the composite products to work. I have some products that have 15 composite parts. Most have 3 variations each but some have 8 to 30 variations.

    Is this possible?


    Verge3d looks for the product attribute value in css called pa.

    Is it possible then to change this in css so I can look for what the composite product name is called?
    Is it possible to create a puzzle or change how a puzzle works?
    We use products attributes can we make our own somehow?
    The composite product name is using or looking for wooco_product_name .Is it possible to change this or add something. If we had a way to do this we then could use composite products instead of having to use variable products.

    Or can anyone write a new puzzle for me?


    Hi, I have good news for you! You will be able to use WooCommerce Composite Products in Verge3D 4.4.

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    Hello Alexander. Thank you very much for your interest. A very important step. Now I think it has a fully developed configurator structure.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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