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Verge3D version advice for plugin devs

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    As versions of Verge3D continue to expand, as a plugin developer, I have a question.

    What would be the best prerogative regarding this?

    Develop specifically for OFFICIAL releases?
    Ie: you’re developing, and a pre version comes out.
    You update,
    So then your puzzles example project is created with that update, which may not be compatible with most.

    Should you hold off and have a version set up within the most OFFICIAL release?

    What’s the staff’s opinion on this, if I’m being clear.

    Thanks :good:

    P.s perfect example of this being tat anything before 3.6 pre wouldn’t allow custom plugins etc.


    I believe you should divide your target audience in two groups – testing team of passionate Verge3D users (who might already use pre-release version or ready to install it to test your plug-in) and general audience (most of Verge3D users). This way you can share preliminary release first, get feedback, fix possible issues, and then make a stable public version.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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