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Verge3D 3.8 pre 5 Ambient Oclusion tests

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    I tried out the new (Eevee) AO for my Faun da Gamba project. It gives great visual results in the exported Verge3D render. Such an improvement!! :heart: There is a slight drop in the frame rate but in my case, everything is still running smoothly.

    While testing the new (Eevee) AO for my Vehicle Fantasy, I found a problem with “ghosting” after changing scenes. An AO ghost of the latest view of the first scene seems to stay present in any new scene.
    I have included some screenshots where this “ghosting” can be seen.
    Unlike a Light Probe, which is exported as an object, the (Eevee) AO can not be accessed within puzzles so for instance one can not hide (disable) or show (enable) it there.

    I think of the still current WebGL limitations in iOS/iPadOS.
    Any idea on how iOS is handling the new (Eevee) AO in Verge3D? Does it handle AO as an extra texture for every object, just like it does with shadows and lights in the scene?
    WebGL 2.0 is still not enabled by default on iOS or iPad OS. Most users will not bother or dare, to enable it in the experimental settings.
    iOS and iPadOS 15, will soon be released but it will still take some time before most iPhones and iPads have updated to iOS and ipadOS 15.

    Anyway, I hope the AO “ghosting” problem (when switching scenes) can be fixed.
    Thanks :bye:

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    Hi Simone,

    Thank you for the feedback! There will be improvements in the AO implementation before the final release. Hopefully those artifacts will disappear.

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