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    Continuing my adventures in verge3d and I ran in to this question. Is it possible to seperate objects per camera :unsure: ? I want to create a stereoscopic vr rendered as a texture on a sphere. Here is an example of how it works; StereoVR The top of the image is for the left eye and the bottom for the right eye. When viewing these are split per eye To create the illusion of depth.

    I know you can use VR through the puzzels but that uses the object rendering to produce a render like the photo I’ve attached.

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    +1. good question.
    Any news?


    It is an interesting question. Honestly, I don’t know but just working through the logic on it.

    Most VR headsets use lenticular lenses to provide a 3D effect. This provides the right and left I separation that is needed to give a feel of 3D. So my guess is that VR headsets that use lenticular lenses it would not work.

    Now for the VR headset that do not have lenticular lenses and cost way more… It might work for those…but I am guessing there is already some sort of processor that is creating a left and right image…so if you provide separate left and right… how would that work? Hoping someone on here might know.

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    thorsten moehle

    Hi There
    Did you came up with any ideas?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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