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Set outline parameters via Javascript

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    I’m trying to change outline parameters via JavaScript.

    In the “visual_logic.js”. I tried the following parameter to change the outline color but I’m getting “cannot read property ‘outlinePass’ of undefinded”.
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.visibleEdgeColor = new v3d.Vector4(0,0,1,1)

    Also I would like to know if someone could tell me the paramters to set all possible outline effects? For example “render hidden edge” or “edge strength” etc.


    Was a bit too early with writing here. Setting the outline color is working the way I described above. There was just a browser caching issue.

    So for everyone who is interested in setting outline effects via JavaScript, these are the commands:

    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.visibleEdgeColor = new v3d.Vector4(0,0,1,1);
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.hiddenEdgeColor = new v3d.Vector4(0,1,0,1);
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.edgeStrength = 3;
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.edgeGlow = 0;
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.edgeThickness = 4;
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.pulsePeriod = 0;

    The only thing I could figure out, is how to set “Render Hidden Edge”. Tried it this way, but doesnt seem to have any effect:
    appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.renderHiddenEdge = false;

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    thanks for sharing your solution!

    is how to set “Render Hidden Edge”.

    this is alpha channel of hiddenEdgeColor, 0 or 1


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    Ah, okay. Neat hack^^


    Hello, sorry to bump this old topic.

    I have a question about the javascript part for the outline effect.
    I’m trying to use the puzzle block “exec script” where it executes the specified js code.

    Basically, I have a cube and another smaller cube hidden inside it. I’m trying via the exec script puzzle to temporally activate the “Render Hidden egdes” option when clicking on the visible cube but I cant figure out what to write exactly, even using the answer from Yuri : “appInstance.postprocessing.outlinePass.hiddenEdgeColor.setW(1);”

    nothing happens. Is there a specific way to write this?

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    try using app instead:


    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Hello Yuri,
    It worked great! Thank you! :good:

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    Hi Yuri,

    function runCode(app) {
    //some code
    app.scene.appInstance.outline(test, ‘ENABLE’);
    app.postprocessing.outlinePass.visibleEdgeColor = new v3d.Vector4(0, 0, 1, 1);

    How to enable outline and change its color outside the runCode function?
    My code structure is something like the above but enabling outline and changing its color give error.

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