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    After a long time again wondering Is there any chance Verge is thinking of password protected complete scene &/or specific scene functions?

    Like if a scene is normally open to all but some functions will be restricted to only p/w holder user? Say for example there are some functions happening commonly as they happen now in any verge scene no restrictions.
    What is expected – as advanced feature – In case of the plant layout scene if user clicks on the roof of the process plant the small password window appears in scene itself upon entering the correct p/w the roof goes above and further camera motion takes place.

    Key part is –
    1. There can be one or more functions allowed with single correct password.
    2. There can be multiple passwords for multiple actions, assigned for each unique interaction to happen with unique password.

    Suggestion –
    Verge team may think of keeping such advanced features-based tools @ some commercial value same as the commercial material packs.

    Such things now will make more sense when Verge is getting more & more matured and sophisticated production tool. Especially in AR / VR / MR & XR experiences I guess it will be highly adopted.


    You might use new features provided by Verge3D 4.7 pre2, namely modal dialog elements (with forms) which will prevent user interaction till the proper password will be entered by the user.

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    Alexander !
    Hahaa! Great great ! :good:

    What a coincidence ! I posted yesterday & today just a minute before I was watching the 4.7 pre2 and came across huge development of form stuff ! I am sure this form thing will ensure many new possibilities & ease of production capability of Verge.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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