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Optimizing Verge for Online Gallery

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    I’m writing on behalf of the Biennale Virtuale (labiennalevirtuale.com) a cultural initiative providing an interactive online virtual museum for exhibiting various forms of artworks, started in Munich by a group of artists using the Verge 3D Software under the artistic license. We have a couple of questions regarding different possibilities of tailoring the software to our needs—the Biennale Team have a specific but simple and straightforward vision of how the Verge 3D Software could be optimized/fitted to our virtual gallery project, and are wondering whether you could either internally provide the service of optimizing the software for us or else redirect us to someone who can provide this service—and how much of our budget we would need to allocate for this to happen.

    Ideally we would utilize/modify the existing software in the following ways

    First off, we are building/modeling the 3D space on Blender and we want to make the world fully interactive for phone and tablet users, ideally with a first-person-shooter style movement/viewpoint/interaction between the online users on various devices and the virtual space. This would optimally be controlled by clickable/tapable direction on screen controls/buttons (see attached image).

    Also important is that clicking on any individual art object/canvas within the virtual gallery would zoom and rotate the viewpoint/camera to be facing the object head-on.

    Other features/functionalities that would be ideal for the virtual museum include the addition of embedded hypertext captions/information blurbs/descriptions associated with each individual artwork as well as, crucially, the ability to embed videos on surfaces/walls in the 3D world that would play with audio when clicked. Finally, it would be ideal if when loading the application, we could show the Biennale Virtuale logo rather than only the Verge 3D logo (perhaps it could say something like powered by Verge 3D underneath).

    We hope this gives a rough sense of what we’re trying to achieve with Verge 3D and would massively appreciate any help you could offer, either redirecting us to a software engineer or making a direct offer.

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