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    Verge 3d is amazing! I am just starting to appreciate it.
    I am a newbie so it is quite hard to get my head around code and javascript.
    I am trying to copy and paste code from other projects into my own……not sure what I am doing lol

    What is the best way ( and easy ) of setting up a 3d scene so someone can move around it with their finger on an Ipad please? I want to do a gallery and people can walk through it.
    It can be tiring using pinch to zoom so I need an easy way of the viewer being able to walk ( using touch ).
    Any advice appreciated. Thanks!


    Thank you and sorry for the late reply! The best way to move on mobile devices is to set your camera controls to Firstperson or Flying, create a separate element (HTML or simply camera-parented object) and then use change local transform puzzle to move forward. This behavior would be similar to FPS games developed for phones/tablets.

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    No problem. Thank you for getting back to me Alexander!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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