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Memory building up

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    David Duperron

    I am developping an application using Quasar framework and Verge3D for the 3D interface.
    Everything works fine, except that I am facing an issue with memory usage.
    I switch between several scenes within this application, and every time a new scene is loaded, it increases the memory usage of the App (wether it is in web app, or Electron mode), until the App starts to be laggy ad unusable. I tried adding an “unload” function before my vue page is unmounted, which seams to work, but it has no influence on the memory consumption.
    The workaround is to refresh the page with a CTRL+F5 in web format (or Force reload in Electron), but it’s not very clean or satisfactory!
    I don’t know if this rings a bell for anyone here, but any help would be appreciated!



    Possibly try the “remove object” puzzle in the objects folder when removing assets?

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    David Duperron

    Thanks GlifTek but I am not loading/unloading assets, but displaying different pages (Vue files) that load different Verge3D gltf files. And each time a new gltf is loaded, the memory usage increases and I cannot find a way to stop this behaviour…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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