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Is my app.js’s code re- useable

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    I’ve been getting back into Flash (Adobe Animate CC) for some user interface components for the site/app currently working on.
    It uses easel.js, and man I sure wish there was a Blockly interface som made! Puzzles are just so much more human readable.

    So I’m wondering about a few things re: our myapp.js .. I’ve peeked in a under the hood there a few times, and remember seeing many unfamiliar methods, objects etc..
    (and I haven’t tried this yet)

    but, if if I know how to set up certain (complex) things in the verge puzzle editor that have no verge/gl-specific puzzles in them… Ie: dynamic class naming, list/dictionary factories, but no 3D parts to them, can I go into the resulting my “app.js” file and retrieve those large amounts of code (that I have trouble writing straight up vanilla).. And move that over to the flash (or other .js platforms) for use there?

    Or is much of it relying on the v3d.js library?
    If the latter, if I link to my v3d.js or cdn will that syntax work? :negative:

    Been wondering about this for quite awhile.

    Or maybe I could find a vanilla is blocky interface…

    But I’d love to keep it all in one place… (Verge 3d puzzle editor)

    Thanks! :bye:

    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov


    I’m sure you can use Puzzles for creating generic JS code chunks. Only things that operate 3d graphics require v3d.js. So you might give it a try.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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