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How to make it load faster

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    I publish my Verge3D application to web. I asked my friends to test the loading speed of the app. On some devices, it takes about 30 seconds to load the 3D model; meanwhile, on some devices (iPhone XR etc.), it takes about 3 seconds to load. How can I make it load faster on all devices?

    Below are the methods I have tried:
    1) Reduce the number of vertices
    2) Performed Asset Compression
    3) Reduce the file size of the texture image

    After I performed the asset compression, the size of .bin.xz is 5060kb. The size of .bin is 13808kb. What is the best file size for the application to load within seconds on ALL devices? Should the .bin file be under 3MB?


    In addition to above questions, are there minimum hardware requirements for devices in order to load the application fast?

    Also, would upgrading the hosting service, which I am currently using, help with the loading speed? :scratch:


    Also, would upgrading the hosting service, which I am currently using, help with the loading speed?

    sure, a least 1 Gbit bandwidth + CDN would help a lot

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    I uploaded the application to the verge3d network but the link is much slower (more than 1 Minute) than the preview before (30sec). Shouldnt it run faster uploaded? I tried to follow everything you proposed to make it run faster. It wont open on safari or chrome at all. I wanted to use the direct link for a linktree. Thats easily possible, right?

    I would appreciate your help a lot. Thank you


    Are you using compressed assets?
    If not, that would help.
    Have you modified your HTML?
    What’s it look like?

    Whoops, for some reason I had only seen your latest post.

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    I managed to make the application run on phone + pad but I have trouble to append scences on the mobile device. I reduced the size of the file to a minimum but it still doesnt work. Do I miss anything? It does run on the Ipad.

    Appending a scene with 5KB works, 20KB doesnt?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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