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Help needed for Mobile app creation

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    Hi all,
    I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to create a working Mobile app, from the workflow proposed in the Verge3d manual. I successfully, created an apk file but I’m unable to load it in the emulator. The file stops loading at roughly 50% and crashes. I have the same result while installing the file in my android phone. The apk file is roughly 2.5 GB.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.
    Thank you!


    the sheer size (2.5 Gb) looks not very promising… can you try doing the same procedure with a smaller scene, say a single cube? (for the sake of experiment)

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    Hi Yuri, hope you’re doing great.
    I’ll take your advice and experiment with a smaller scene. I’ll let you know.
    Thank you for your insight.


    Hi Yuri! Hope you’re doing great.
    I successfully created an apk file based on the smaller scene as suggested. I also attached the apk file of my big scene.
    Again, the desktop application created from my big scene works great. I just have issues with the Mobile app version of it.

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