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Free Dynamic Server PHP resource to work with ?

Home Forums General Questions Free Dynamic Server PHP resource to work with ?

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    I know the Amazon based storage that Soft8Soft allows Verge3D users to use doesn’t have server-side dynamic functionalities like PHP etc..

    Does anyone know of a free service that would work in line flexibly with our storage?

    Ie: for sign on BASIC account info?

    I’m taking BASIC… LIKE storing CSV files on to later, load previous product configuration progress?



    EDIT: Ah.. getting things figured out with Microsoft Azure.

    Q: when uploading our projects, is there any way to tell which exact files go up, or JUST do our visual_logic.js? or do we have to upload the entire folder, then go and delete unwanted files? I have upload puzzles and models unchecked yet it still does and i have a huge folder of puzzles that won’t delete in my “Sandbox” named project.


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    yeah no.


    (will continue my self chatter here with more productive content later lol)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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