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Feature Request: Limit Panning by Specified Axis

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    It seems like an oversight to not be able to constrain the camera panning by user specified axis’. For myself, I have a product that is very vertical in it’s overall shape. As such I would prefer that if the user zooms in, they could then pan; but only up and down. (I don’t want the product to move from the center of the scene; left to right.)

    I could also see how if you were doing a first person walk-through, that you might want to constrain the camera to no move in the Z direction.

    I would think this should not be all that difficult to implement. I would use the Mirror modifier options in Blender as a model for UI check box example. With the Mirror modifier, you use the check-boxes to get the desired outcome. A single checkbox labeled ‘Disable Panning’ could live at the top; and when checked, would grey out the axis options. When unchecked, it would enable the axis selections; with X, Y & Z listed as check boxes. I also think There should be limits in each direction, just as we can limit rotation and zoom distance.

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    the panning feature work in camera space. So if you change the vertical angle, for example, you would pan not along your model but rather in some undesirable direction. So we should probably talk about moving the object in world space rather than the camera.

    I guess you could try drag puzzles that can limit object movement.

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    We really need pan control limitations. Moving a scene of hundreds of individual parts that are animated is not really practical.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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