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European Space Agency Immersive 3D Tour

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    I personally liked how they seamlessly mixed 360° panoramas of the facilities with interactive 3D models of equipment. Good job! :good: :good: :good:


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    Aah nice !
    The ending of one with starting of another with seamless is by precise camera alignment? OR any coding based trick?

    I guess it must be with camera alignment exactly to handover to another form.
    whats it you think?


    We are the team behind this web-app tool, and we wanted to express our gratitude for the dedicated video showcasing its functionalities. We have learned so much using Verge3D and its proactive forum.

    For the 360 image viewer, I used Pano2VR. In Verge3D, I execute a JavaScript puzzle to open the PanoPlayer and read the .xml file of the created 360 image. The clickable arrows within the 360 viewer also execute JavaScript code written in Pano2VR to load a new .xml file.
    Additionally, the 3D camera moves as the user navigates through the 360 images, ensuring that when they exit, they are located in the same room. We carefully positioned the camera locators close to where the 360 images were taken. ; )

    There have been significant updates to Verge3D since we started the project, and this tool continues to impress us!

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    Thats awesome ATG !
    Through your example I feel in future the seamless blend of virtual 3D ( Verge3D) to 360 pano photos & back.

    I agree to precise placement of virtual scene camera to physical pano image source location simulated the perfect blend. I am just imagining many other combinations this blending can be applied effectively in commercial projects.
    Great ! :good:

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